Undiscovered Mexico: 5 Places You Haven't Been

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Xel Ha Beach. Mexico. Nikon D3100. DSC_0433.So you think you know all about Mexico, everything from tacos to Toltec ruins to avoiding la turista. You've explored the Mayan pyramids of Chichén Itzá, downed mezcal in Puerto Vallarta, gone whale watching in Los Cabos.

Ah, but Mexico is a vast, varied country. We've located a handful of quintessentially Mexican destinations that have resisted mega-resort gringo-ification despite boasting equally sensuous beaches, soulful ruins, simpatico locals, and stirring scenery as their better-known neighbors.

Before we get started, a note. We consider these destinations safe (and put lots of thought and double-checking into them), but always remember that certain areas of Mexico remain politically volatile, as well as subject to organized crime and drug-trafficking activity. Though violence rarely targets tourists directly, be on your guard anywhere in Mexico, which is one of the world's worthiest destinations. Check the State Department's travel advisories and alerts...

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