NEW! Mexpro Now Offers Travel Medical Evacuation Insurance

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Mexpro now offers Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance from Travel MedEvac! Travel MedEvac Insurance provides medical air ambulance evacuation insurance from Mexico (and other countries in the Caribbean and Central America) to the facility of your choice in the US or Canada. Unlike other plans, our product is not a membership or assistance club, but an actual insurance… Read more »

Carrera Panamericana Mexico Road Race

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Mexico’s 2014 Pan-American Vintage Car Road Race Promoting the Pan-American Highway The Carrera Panamericana (“Pan-American Road Race”) was started back in 1950. The event was originally organized by the Mexican government to publicize their new stretch of the Pan-American Highway, which is more commonly known, throughout Central America, as the Inter-American Highway. While the Pan-American… Read more »

8 Exciting Cancun Excursions

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As a popular tourist destination located on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Cancun is considered a tropical paradise with its gorgeous beaches, coral reef, water sports and party opportunities. However, by venturing out on Cancun, travelers can see and experience so much more like Mayan archaeological sites, stunning natural wonders, remarkable theme parks and once-in-a-lifetime… Read more »

Maya Biosana or Maya Bio-Insana? Chocolate megaproject in Quintana Roo

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Six months ago, gave an optimistic mention of Maya Biosana, a cacao megaproject in Quintana Roo, noting that it had received the support of the federal Agriculture Secretariat (Sagarpa): Click here to read “Can Mexico’s decline in cacao production be reversed?” We also noted that the project was not without its critics. In this… Read more »