Tulum Riviera Maya Hotspot Makes Unbeatable Destination

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In a word, Tulum is gorgeous. As one of the most visited pyramid sites in Mexico, Tulum commands a stunning position on top of a cliff overlooking the turquoise Caribbean. The white sand beach below is like eye candy. Soft rolling waves, a slight ocean breeze, temps in the low 80s. Hello, paradise.

This slice of heaven is 75 miles from Cancun and 40 miles from Playa del Carmen.The pyramids are under ten minutes from Tulum Pueblo, which is becoming one of the most popular destinations in the Riviera Maya as tourists looking for a less structured vacation have detoured out of Cancun's hotel zone and down the coast.

Tulum is smaller than most other Maya sites, and the only one built on the water.It was known for its extensive trade routes by land and sea, and artifacts found at the site show obsidian and jade came from as far away as Honduras.

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