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I signed the lease on my new house in Mexico City yesterday and we have began the process of packing. Hoping to be moved from Monterrey to Mexico City in 2-3 weeks if everything goes well.

I will be driving my Ford Escape with NC plates into Mexico City and I know I am going to be hassled by Transitos because I only have a plate on the back. We plan on selling it in Texas in March so we will need to deal with it for a few months at least until we can buy a car in Mexico.

My question is- Is there a specific law about US plated cars driving in Mexico City? I have asked around and done some search and have not came up with a single distinct answer. I have heard that you can only drive after 11am and not after 7pm. I also heard that its prohibited 100% of the time as well as its fine just as long as my Visa is up to date and my Temporary Import sticker is in place.

I drive a US plated car in Mexico City frequently so I have had to figure out the DF driving deal.

1. As long as your importada temporal/Visa are up to date you can drive a US plated car in DF but see the following:

2. The "hoy no circula" applies equally to US plated cars just like it does to local plates. There is one day per week and one Saturday per month that you cannot drive. The specific days are decided by the final digit in you plate number. For example, my plates end in "7" so I can't drive on Tuesdays nor the third Saturday of each month.

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