'Travel Secrets Mexico' TV Series Battles Negative Press

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Categories: Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Tropicasa Realty is working with a US Production company to help restore trust in Mexico’s Tourism. Tropicasa has teamed-up with Travel Secrets Mexico, a TV Documentary Series that portrays life in Mexico as it is, not as it is assumed to be, based on negative news and often unsubstantiated travel warnings.

Travel Secrets Mexico focuses on the daily life in Mexico and conveys the true reality that can be understood and appreciated by the general public in the US and Canada. The negative media reports from the US and Canada took a heavy toll on Mexico’s tourism industry as it was intended. It has wiped out thousands of small businesses and is hurting millions of families who depend on tourism for their survival.

Travel Secrets Mexico is a 30-minute television show set to air this fall on FamilyNet Television. One of the fastest-growing cable TV networks in the US, FamilyNet TV is available to more than 29 million households with well over 50 million potential viewers.

We hope that TV viewers in the US and Canada will see through these commercially-motivated scare tactics that have damaged the Mexican tourism industry and the psyche of Mexican people, and rediscover the important influences of Mexican culture, Mexican communities, Mexican destinations and the influence each neighbor in North America has on the other.

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