Travel And Safety Tips From A Mexican Car Insurance Consultant

August 5, 2010 by
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Travel can be a exciting and fun adventure, and travel to a different country can be much better. It is always interesting to see and have interactions with other cultures, and even a language barrier can make for fun stories to tell the grandchildren. That is why Mexico is one of the most well liked destinations for travelers from the United States.

Before you pack the auto and drive to Mexico you need to make sure that you have the correct insurance protection, and regardless of whether or not your current carrier provides coverage within Mexico, go forward and buy Mexican car insurance.

Things you should know about driving in Mexico:

Because of the different languages and differing legal systems, a proof of insurance certificate from a US insurer won’t be given any weight in Mexico. The purchase of a Mexican car insurance can truly avoid a lot a hassles and heartaches, because failure to provide sufficient proof of financial responsibility is a transgression in Mexico and might not be treated trivially. Only a Mexican insurer can offer evidence of financial responsibility.

Another quick reminder is you will need to buy Mexican car insurance before the trip. It is a quick and painless process when you do it online.

The very last thing that I say is to truly enjoy your vacation, and to take tons of pictures, because the holiday may last a week or two, but the memories will last a lifetime.