Tourist Destinations in Mexico are ‘Perfectly Safe’

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sm-DSC00004In a recent interview with CNN, the Consejo de Promocion Turistica de Mexico‘s (CPTM) chief operating officer Rodolfo Lopez Negrete reassured visitors about the safety of tourist destinations in Mexico. The recent escalation of the violence in Mexico between rival drug cartels and the security forces in Mexico has affected the flow of American and international tourists into the country. According to Mr. Lopez Negrete, major tourist destinations in Mexico are “perfectly safe” and the CPTM is confident that the number of tourists will increase this year.

2010 was a good year for Mexico, where more than 22 million visitors are estimated to have entered the country. In his interview, Mr. Lopez Negrete said that the CPTM is aware of the negative impact the violence in Mexico has had on tourism and has put a plan together until 2018 with the goal of increasing business from 22.4 million to 26 million tourists.

The CPTM wants to tell the “untold story” said Mr. Lopez Negrete. The violence occurs in specific areas thousands of miles away from the major destinations such as Cancun and Cabo which remain extremely safe for visitors.

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