Who Are Mexico’s Green Angels? Roadside/ Emergency Assistance

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Green Angels Logo

Most folks know what Roadside Assistance is…but what about while you are in Mexico? Well, in Mexico, roadside assistance is offered by the Ángeles Verdes, or Green Angels as they are known to English speakers. They travel Mexican Federal Highways looking for and providing medical and mechanical assistance to those in need, no matter your… Read more »

2013 Mexico Tourist Auto Insurer Rankings

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Every year Mexpro releases Mexico Auto Insurance statistics, based on the Association of Mexico Insurance Institutions (AMIS) Tourist Auto Insurer results. And we’ve just released the 2013 results. Last year we saw an $8 million increase in insurance premiums, compared with 2012; meaning most Americans and Canadians were driving to Mexico. Total growth in the… Read more »

Mexico Ecotourism

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Mexico Agave

Mexico vacation opportunities Mexico is chock-full vacation opportunities. With 5800 miles of coastline in Mexico, there is an abundance of sandy beaches to explore. The climate varies from temperate to tropical, making it a very popular destination for “snow-birds” from Canada and the United States. For those who like to take a look back in… Read more »

Parras, Coahuila: America’s First Vineyard

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Estanque de La Luz © Al Barrus

When I think of American vineyards, Napa Valley is the place that comes to mind. However, I recently discovered that here in my home state of Coahuila in northeast Mexico, resides the oldest winery in the Americas. And it’s just a couple hours west of where I live in Saltillo. The decision to make the… Read more »