Touring Mexico City’s Centro Histórico…with your feet off the ground

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Andador MaderoMexico is a city that wears its age well—almost 700 years old and still full of youthful energy. Founded in 1325, it’s got Aztec splendor and ruin, Spanish majesty and bombast, 50’s modernism, quirky time-warp shops, smoke tinged cantinas, excellent museums and restaurants, and street life that never stops.

After years of neglect following the 1985 earthquake, the Centro Histórico of Mexico City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has been transformed. There are increased security measures, new paving and lighting, and hundreds of old buildings have been spruced up. New museums, hotels, restaurants, outdoor cafés and shops have opened. Several streets are now traffic-free pedestrian zones. New bars, jazz clubs and dance halls draw crowds on weekend nights.

But one thing hasn't changed—the intense level of energy on the street, which can excite and exhaust you in equal measure. When it gets to be all too much, I’ve discovered a solution to regain my tranquility--I take my feet off the ground.

With so much going on at street level you might miss what’s happening up above. Over the years I’ve discovered several places where I can escape the hustle and bustle of street level by heading upstairs. Here’s my list of the ‘Top Ten Above Ground Oases of Tranquility’ in Mexico City...Click here to read the Top Ten on