Turkey Tortilla Soup Great for Leftovers

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Chicken Tortilla SoupDelicious, rich stock made from a whole turkey carcass after Thanksgiving is one of the special perks of hosting the holiday and baking the turkey. If you're craving something a little spicier than the usual turkey noodle soup or turkey and dumplings, set aside some of the stock and meat to make a pot of traditional Sopa Azteca, the tortilla soup of central Mexico.

Turkey is a popular meat in Mexico and often is used to make soup, so it wasn't a stretch to adapt Mexican cooking authority Rick Bayless' tortilla soup recipe to incorporate turkey instead of chicken.

In Mexico, tortilla soup is served plain, simply a chile- and tomato-enhanced broth with a little meat. The table is then set with bowls of colorful toppings — freshly fried tortilla strips, chicharrones or fried pork skins, chopped cilantro, fresh cheese, lime wedges, crema and avocado, so each diner can dress his soup as he pleases.

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