Tortalajara: Tacos Dorados - Puerto Vallarta

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Dorado TacosGabriel and I love to eat, eat, and eat when we are in Mexico. When we were in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico we discovered a new little spot, Tortalajara, that served some of our favorite Mexican food, tortas ahogadas and tacos dorados.
My usual order would consist of 1 torta ahogada and 1 taco dorado! Mmmm...

So what's a taco dorado?
A taco dorado is a deep fried taco. It can be filled with anything, but the most popular fillings are frijoles (beans), papa (potato), requezon (cheese) or meat.

It is very common to put several topping on taco dorados. In order, you would put shredded cabbage, sliced onions, tomato sauce, hot sauce, and lemon!

Tacos Dorados are very affordable and filling at Tortalajara, just 6 Mexican Pesos each.

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