Top Mexican Insurer ABA Visits Mexpro

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Mexpro welcomed Alfonso Vargas, CEO, Fernando de la Garza, Deputy CEO and Carlos Oranday, Tourist Auto Manager from ABA Seguros a Chubb Company (ABA) to our office in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona this Wednesday. With a policy count of 960,000 and premiums totaling $430 million (USD) in 2015, ABA is one of Mexico’s top insurers.

ABA employs 1600 employees, 500 of whom are customer service representatives. With a third of their workforce being tailored to customer service, ABA takes care of their policyholders. If someone has the need to make a claim, an ABA representative will call the customer the next day to be sure all went well with the claim. Follow up calls are made later to be sure the repairs are being done to their satisfaction. Impressive, I can’t recall if my US insurance provider ever called me.

ABA Execs with IIG Execs in Flagstaff, AZ

With their customer service record and ability to pay claims (ABA handled 330,000 claims in Mexico in 2015!) ABA and its parent company (ACE/Chubb) easily and consistently maintains their A-Rating with A.M. Best Company (A.M. Best is an international company who rates financial institutions on stability).

Mexpro first started serving ABA insurance to our customers on February 1, 2006 and has had a solid relationship with them since. Why? Because they provide excellent service to our customers, they have reasonable rates, and are a superb company.

They are one of the best Auto Insurance companies in Mexico. They provide awesome coverage for a competitive price. When our customers need them, they are there to provide excellent claims service.

Quote from Nate Watson, COO of Mexpro’s parent company, International Insurance Group, Inc.

Why did ABA visit Mexpro? For one, we are the number one US producer of ABA’s Mexico Tourist Auto insurance. It is quality insurance, our customers know it, they want it and they buy it. Two, they like us. Believe it or not we are likable. Three, they brought us a big present in appreciation of last year’s results. Oh, and there’s one more thing. We took them skiing.

ABA's top execs didn’t have to come all this way for those things, but they did. We are honored, and happy this relationship allows us to offer high quality insurance to our customers through ABA. We hope you are too.