Top 10 Mexico Travel Myths

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Urlaub 2005 - MéxicoMexico is becoming a student travel mecca -- it's always registered high on the indie travel radar, but backpackers are flocking South now for cheap Mexico accommodations, colonial grandeur, and Mexico sun and sand. Many myths abound about Mexico travel, though, and some (Mexico is unsafe and scary) are off-putting or create false expectations (Mexico is super cheap) for first time travelers to Mexico. Let's debunk the top Mexico travel myths.

1. Mexico Means Super Cheap Travel

Is Mexico cheaper than the US? It can be. Doing the resort thing in a Mexico resort like Cancun, for instance, can be as spendy as any high-end hot spot can be, but south of Cancun, Tulum is too cool *and* $25/day is doable. Learn about street food and more to do Mexico on $25 a day, but don't expect to get by on 100 pesos a day in Mexico, unless camping for close to free.

2. I'll Get Sick in Mexico (and the bathrooms are horrible)

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