Todos Santos Music Festival: Fables of the Reconstruction

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Todos Santos SunsetTodos Santos Music Festival, on the edge paradise & progress

About 45 miles north of Cabo San Lucas, on the resort-riddled southern tip of the Baja Peninsula, sits Todos Santos, a quiet hamlet on the new four-lane highway running northeast to La Paz.

The Pacific Ocean shores against the west, a world famous destination for surfers camped just south along the beaches of Pescadero; the Sierra de la Laguna range looms above the desert to the east, carved with freshly cut mountain-biking trails and cattle paths. In the town center, art galleries line the crooked sidewalks and slanted back alleys, while ubiquitous packs of stray dogs watch the tourists from under the shade of pickup trucks.

Everything in Todos Santos seems in a constant state of either creation or dilapidation. Brick walls break in abrupt crumbles, and rust and peeling paint pock the sides of buildings.

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