Todos Santos Mexico: Artist Community

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Todos Santos SunsetTake a detour from La Vida Loca and head to this sleepy artists’ hideaway in Baja California

Just an hour north of the resort-dense shores of Cabo San Lucas, the village of Todos Santos is a true oasis—its nickname is “El Pueblo Mágico,” for the underground river that runs beneath and renders the area leafy and green in the midst of a desert. Spread out along and behind high bluffs that line the Pacific, Todos Santos was known for its sugarcane before expat artists and wanderers began gathering here. Though the population numbers no more than 6,000, the town is packed with galleries, restaurants, and bars. This is a place where life proceeds at a stroll, where people dawdle over afternoon coffee or browse for crafts before the set-ting sun bathes the narrow streets in warm pink and yellow light.

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