Tips to Plan a Road Trip to Mexico

August 2, 2012 by
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An interview on with our friend Bill Bell in Mexico.

sm-DSC00006For many tourists, the thought of driving to Mexico is a big question mark. Will it be safe? What will I do if my car breaks down? What happens if I get a flat tire? Is Mexican fuel comparable to what I put in my car back home? There may be dozens of questions that potential visitors to Mexico will have.

More than forty million people cross the border each year between San Diego and Tijuana, making the region the busiest land-border crossing in the world.

Not long ago, I published an article on ‘10 Tips for Ensuring a Safe Road Trip Across the Border’ including precautions you can take to ensure a safe trip in Mexico. Certainly all 10 tips are important, but one of the most important pieces of information to be aware of is the contact for the Green Angels.

The Mexican government has a free service called The Green Angels. Mechanics patrol the main highways everyday in white and green pick-up trucks and provide free 24/7 road side assistance to visitors with mechanical problems. They have a communication network via radio with various government agencies and provide tourist information and additional visitor assistance. For Tijuana, Ensenada and El Hongo toll roads, call 800-990-3900 or for Tijuana to Tecate toll roads, call 1-800-888-0911. Most Mexican Insurance also offers a road side assistance plan.

Thanks to the power of social media, I recently met Mexico travel experts, Bill and Dorothy Bell, a dynamic Canadian couple who now live in the town of La Peñita de Jaltemba, Nayarit, Mexico where they operate an English online newspaper called the “Jaltemba Sol.” They have been instrumental in numerous charitable activities that raise hundreds of thousands of pesos annually for good causes.

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