Tips for Surviving a Mexican Vacation: What To Eat and Drink in Mexico

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Mexican CondimentsI constantly hear people saying that they would never visit Mexico again because of the last time they got sick. This frustrates me as Mexico has so much to offer a travel lover and it shouldn't be viewed on the same level as that sushi restaurant that gave you food poisoning last week.

Mexico is the perfect destination to add to your travel bucket-list and friends, families, lovers, adventure seekers and singles have enjoyed visiting Mexico for years. What's not to love about one of the top tourist sun destinations in the world!

Ever wondered why you seem to be the one who always gets a bout of Montezuma's Revenge, severly sun burnt or obtain some other infection when you visit beautiful sunny Mexico? It's not Mexico's fault. The country itself and the Mexico Tourism Board issues warnings on how to protect yourself when touring through one of the most exotic and exciting countries in the world.

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