Tips and Updates for Driving to Mexico this Winter Season

December 24, 2009 by
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Flagstaff, Arizona December 23, 2009 --, a leading provider of insurance for driving to Mexico, released a list of tips and updates regarding driving to Mexico this winter season.

Millions of Snowbirds, Hispanics and vacationers drive to Mexico during the winter months to vacation and to visit family. Here are some tips for those driving to Mexico this winter.

Mexico Insurer Solvency & Financial Conditions

There are less than 20 insurance companies in all of Mexico who offer Tourist Car insurance coverage. When buying any insurance coverage, it is important to check the A.M. Best rating of the company you are purchasing from. A.M. Best rates insurance companies based on a number of factors, including financial stability. For your protection, only sells insurance for companies who have received a "secure" rating from A.M. Best. Unfortunately, when you purchase your insurance at one of the stands at the border you do not know who is standing behind your policy. Click here to learn more about the insurers represents.

Gas Prices 20% Less in Mexico!

Gas prices in Mexico continue to be far less than in the U.S. For Snowbirds and others traveling to the interior of Mexico this winter, the savings can add up!

If you're crossing the border, keep in mind that you must carry auto insurance for your vehicle. Go to for all your Mexican car insurance needs.

More Bang For Your Buck - Travel To Mexico

The U.S. dollar is weak, but not in Mexico where the exchange rate is still very favorable. With the poor economy and devalued dollar, Mexico offers a great close-to-home alternative for Americans with Maui-like beaches for a fraction of the cost. Lonely Planet ranks Mexico the number four destination in the world for Americans traveling in 2010.

New Passport Card Available

The U.S. Department of State now issues the smaller, less expensive passport card - which will fit into a wallet. The card is being used in lieu of the larger, traditional passport book, which costs $100 for a new applicant. It is a steal at $20 if you already have a passport, and $45 for first-time applicants. The card can only be used for land or sea travel - not for air travel.

The passport card features an embedded radio transmitter that allows customs agents to quickly access passport information from government databases. This speeds up the border crossing process and allows customs agents to make better judgments regarding a person's entry into a country.

The processing time for the new passport card is about four weeks. So get yours today! is not only dedicated to providing you with competitive prices, but also to providing you quality coverage from A-Rated insurers.