The Role of Travel and Tourism Lauded by G20 Leaders

June 25, 2012 by
Categories: Mexico

The G20 world leaders have, for the first time in history, recognized the critical role travel and tourism has in fuelling job growth and economic development. It also included a commitment from leaders of the G20 nations to promote initiatives which facilitate more efficient immigration procedures thus expanding tourism.

Mexico Souvenir 1950sThe Leaders’ Declaration G20 Leaders Summit held in Los Cabos, Mexico, states implicitly that: “we recognize the role of travel and tourism as a vehicle for job creation, economic growth, and development, and, while recognizing the sovereign right of States to control the entry of foreign nationals, we will work towards developing travel facilitation initiatives in support of job creation, quality work, poverty reduction, and global growth.”

Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism, Gloria Guevara said that the inclusion of tourism on the agenda of the G20 Leaders’ Summit represented an unprecedented breakthrough for the enhancement of the tourism industry globally.

Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of United Nations World Tourism Organization (WTO) referred to this as a “significant success” for the global tourism industry and he applauded the efforts undertaken by the Calderon Government in advancing the tourism industry, particularly the inclusion of tourism as an item on the agenda of the G20.

Secretary-General Rifai said, “We commend and will support the G20 leaders who have recognized the importance of travel and tourism as an engine of economic growth and job creation.”