The Riviera Maya Through Mayan Eyes

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Mayan GirlWhat is the difference between tourists and travelers? Tourists generally stay to the well traveled paths and enjoy the luxuries of their hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions. Travelers usually are looking for a different experience, a spiritual connection with a place, a better understanding of the local population, a chance to learn a new language; something intangible to take home. A new tour company in the Riviera Maya, Mexico; Ojos Mayas~ Mayan Eyes, has found a way to bring tourists and travelers together in a cultural tour unlike any other. Ojos Mayas has organized a cultural experience that is better classified as an immersion experience, rather than a tour.

The word tour brings to mind large buses and many stops with opportunities to buy trinkets and t-shirts, not moto-taxis and handmade tortillas and insights into lifestyle and culture, generally speaking.

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