The Perfect Day in Puerto Vallarta

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Puerto VallartaThis one starts with a visit to an old friend in Puerto Vallarta. Someone I’ve known for decades, although for the last 10 years, since his emigration to Mexico, we’ve seen one another infrequently.

The visit began with some tension in that way meetings between old friends can be tense until you work out one another’s quirks — many of which become pronounced as we grow older. However, by the day in question, the relentless sun and our shared history had melted any discord and we were both enjoying ourselves so much that we decided to say yes when his generous friend offered us a daylong cruise on a 60-foot sailing schooner.

The morning was cool and clear as we boarded the boat. Our three-man crew was friendly and professional. The guide, Benjamin, was a bird and marine expert and a knowledgeable environmentalist.

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