The Miracle of the Sea Turtle

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Tripod, the Green Sea TurtleIn a normal nesting season, a sea turtle deposits 50 to 200 eggs.

20% of the eggs do not hatch
Only 50% survive the journey to the sea
Of these, only 50% survive and reach maturity
Less than 10% of the 200 survive … at least those were the figures before human intervention.
Today, the survival rate of sea turtles is 1%

A turtle that survives is a long shot, the exception, the jackpot...a miracle.

Xel-Ha Park has been committed to ensuring that the turtles that come to its beach are protected because of this commitment, in 1996, Xel-Há joined forces with the Sea Turtle Conservation Program organized by Flora, Fauna and Culture of Mexico, AC, the company’s social and environmental arm.

From 1996 to 2012, Xel-Ha has protected:

6295 loggerhead and white turtle nests in just 16 years

532.116 tortoises have been liberated from both species

The program is extending its efforts by reaching out to its social networks. The Tortugatón is a social media campaign to raise money for the conservation of the sea turtle.

Tortugaton Milestone

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