The Jalopnik Guide To Driving In Baja

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Categories: Mexico

South into MexicoDriving in Baja Mexico -- Flights to Cabo San Lucas, at Baja California's southern tip, are pretty reasonable from Southern California. But that's bunk.

The best way to go is to drive, just like the Baja 1000 racers do it. People say it's dangerous, but if you're not into the kind of travel that involves a little risk taking, better book your flight and boring resort accommodations now. Baja ain't for you.

Cruising beneath the huge, dilapidated sign that says La Frontera Internacional in a car opens a whole realm of possibilities you might never have imagined. It feels like, well, I don't know; like you have carte blanche to do practically anything you can scheme up. On the U.S. side of the border, there are rules, laws, and more rules. Just south of that border is a land of opportunity, where soft tacos cost a dollar and minor brushes with the law can be handled for less than $50.

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