The Ghost of La Llorona - Weeping Woman

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esta es mariconsitaHalloween is all about the spooky - the stories and creatures that make your skin crawl. Every culture has has scary stories, one of Mexico’s most famous is the story of La Llorona - The Weeping Woman. The ghost of La Llorona is also well-known throughout central America and Puerto Rico. It’s not clear where the story comes from, or if it’s based on a true story, though the tale has a universal element that can be seen throughout different cultures.

The Mexican version of La Llorona dates back to the time of Hernán Cortés and links her with La Malinche. In this version, as a mistress of Hernan Cortes, she gave birth to two children. When La Malinche found out Cortes took a noble Spanish woman to be his wife, her Aztec pride and jealousy drove her to kill her children.

The version that is best known about a Spanish nobleman and a peasant girl...

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