The Gecko: A Puerto Vallarta classic

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Categories: Mexico

GeckoVisitors may think that the marlin or the sea-horse are animals that represent Puerto Vallarta the best, but if we ask the locals then the answer may be different; this little reptile can be found almost anywhere in town and has been there since the beginning of Vallarta’s history.

This friendly reptile as been the theme for decoration on a diversity of items around town: art-crafts, hats, souvenirs, t-shirts, home furnishings, wall decorations, and its popularity is so big that you can find it on body tattoos as well. The name gecko has been used to name properties, restaurants, stores and many different types of business around town.

This little friends is not harmful to people it feeds on the insects and this is why people all over town accepts them in their homes, it controls annoying little plagues such as ants, spiders, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and even scorpions serve as a good dinner for the gecko.

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