TCD Traveler: La Paz, the “Real” Mexico

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Boats in La PazI still remember the first bowl of “shrimp soup” (caldo de camarón) I had at Bismarck Restaurant in La Paz, a laid-back, tiny Mexican city on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California, some 25 years ago. Expecting thin broth with a few specks of shrimp, I was astounded by a huge bowl filled with the biggest shrimp I had ever seen, jammed into a steaming, hearty consommé. Now THIS was seafood! Many tourists think of La Paz as merely a stop-off on the way to Cabo San Lucas, but they are missing a delightful destination in itself, one of my personal Mexican favorites.

Bismarck is alive and well in La Paz, and the food is astonishingly good. The town itself remains blissfully Mexican, not “Gringolandia.” If you long for the “real” Mexico, La Paz, 117 miles north of the heavily touristed area of Los Cabos, may be your idea of heaven.

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