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The Museo Ruffino Tamayo, that architectural gem hidden among the trees of Chapultepec Park, has re-opened after an extensive renovation.

There's an additional 40% of exhibition space as well as a new sleek gift shop and a restaurant (not yet open). The museum extension was designed by Teodoro González de Léon, who along with Abraham Zabludofsky, created the original building. The new spaces have been added on in such a clever way that you hardly notice any change at all until you're well inside the building.

The inaugural exhibitions include a show of paintings of Ruffino Tamayo himself. Although the museum was begun through his efforts and support as a showcase for contemporary art, it's rare to find a Tamayo on display. Much of what's here comes from private collections, so if you're fan, go--you may not have another chance to see these paintings.

Other works shown continue the trend of this museum to present somewhat cerebral work,with lots of videos and installations. On weekends there is an English-speaking guide who can explain it to you. The current shows will be on display until December.

The opening was not without a whiff of scandal--some of the money for the renovation came from dubious sources.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. The cost of admission is 19 pesos, free on Sundays. Students, teachers and adultos mayores enter free.

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