Taking Notes: Jaguar of the Yucatan

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JaguarTaking Notes: A Weekly Column by Joel R. Dennstedt

My brother Steve and I are expats living in Merida, Yucatan.

We are on a great adventure – and I am taking notes….

Day of the jaguars.

Would make a good title.

These days have themes to them; this day it is the jaguar.

I love to say the word in wretched Spanish, choking on the ‘j’ and hacking out the ‘guar.’ Like a snarling cat; make a claw and slash. Feels great.

With a theme so full of power, how to make it real?

Honestly, I come to the jaguar from the mystical side. You should know before reading on: I accept its spiritual nature. I agree with the Mayans that it is born of the spirit beneath the earth.

I don’t pray to the jaguar.

I don’t make offerings.

I do take time to consider its power.

Linda Hogan, a Native American writer, authored a beautiful novel called ‘Power’, in which a jaguar winds its dark way through pages like the jungle, while a native woman is compelled to track it down.

I came away spooked.

Weaker than power is one who wants it.

Weaker than that is one who needs it.

The jaguar, meanwhile, has it.

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