Oaxaca’s Social Web Travel Workshop: March 19-22

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A social travel web workshop is being hosted by Planeta.com for March 19-22 Oaxaca de Juárez. Entitled All Travel is Local (Todos Viajes Son Locales) the workshop will promote local Mexican travel with the emphasis on using social media. The following topics will be addressed: conscious travel, indigenous travel, cultural travel, eco travel, responsible travel…. Read more »

Top 10 Mexico Travel Myths

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Mexico is becoming a student travel mecca — it’s always registered high on the indie travel radar, but backpackers are flocking South now for cheap Mexico accommodations, colonial grandeur, and Mexico sun and sand. Many myths abound about Mexico travel, though, and some (Mexico is unsafe and scary) are off-putting or create false expectations (Mexico… Read more »

MexicoTruth.com Corrects Media Dramatizations Regarding Mexico Travel

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Recently our General Manager, Nate Watson, ran into this website. I could do it no justice in trying to explain their mission, so I’ve attached a portion of their “About Us” page to let you know what they are doing for Mexico. Please read on… MexicoTruth.com is dedicated to correcting the media dramatizations regarding safe… Read more »