Mexico Insurance Alert: Radical Change to Mexico Liability Laws

Posted February 4, 2013 by & filed under Legal, Mexico.

A radical change has been made to Mexico Liability Law. In the past, the liability damages imposed on an at-fault driver who caused a negligent fatality in Mexico were capped at 750 days multiplied by the local Mexico Minimum Wage (approximately $50,000 total damages in most Mexican States). Effective immediately, that limit has been increased… Read more » CEO Updates article on Purchasing Insurance for Mexico

Posted February 1, 2013 by & filed under Mexico. CEO, Jim Labelle, has updated his article “Purchasing Insurance for Mexico” to include new updates to Mexico Liability Insurance requirements. In 2013, the potential damage limits for a negligent accident causing a fatality have increased substantially. Prior to 2013, liability limits and claims exceeding $ 100,000 were quite rare. However, in 2013 the Mexican… Read more »