Swimming with Sea Lions

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Sea lionSwimming with barking sea lions in the Sea of Cortez felt unreal.

It was one of the highlights of a two-week trip to Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Our group of European friends departed by motorboat from Playa Balandra, 14 miles north of La Paz, heading for Isla Espiritu Santo, an uninhabited natural reserve protected by Unesco.

Before diving into the water outfitted with goggles, snorkel and flippers, we were briefed on how to safely keep those noisy creatures happy.

We were not to approach their rocks, as that could be mistaken for invasion of territory. No eye contact. And if they came to us, which they'd often playfully do, we were not to move closer or touch them. They sometimes mistake human legs for toys, we were warned, and like to bite on them.

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