Swimming In Mexico with the World's Biggest Fish

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Whale Shark at Georgia AquariumI had been warned beforehand that they were huge but I still got the shock of my life when I first glimpsed the largest fish in the world – the whale shark.

As I donned flippers, mask and snorkel and prepared to launch myself off the side of the small boat to get an even closer look at these creatures, one thought kept rushing through my mind: ‘I must be absolutely barmy to do this!’

Approaching a school of these amazing beasts, the first thing I noticed were their large dorsal fins. And every now and then, the massive bulk of one of the white-spotted – and harmless – sharks emerged in the aquamarine waters off Mexico before disappearing again.

We were more than 20 miles from land and I was about to go swimming with some monsters. It would prove to be a truly memorable experience.

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