Sundays at the Plaza de Armas in Puerto Vallarta

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In every city and town in Mexico, you will find at least one plaza (town square) located in or near the center of town. For generations in Mexican culture, the plaza has been a meeting place for recreation, dining, art and culture and the tradition continues today.

Most plazas will have a covered pavilion where often musicians will play, dancers will perform or artists will paint and park benches for people to relax and enjoy. They are often prettily landscaped and may have decorative stone work, making them charming and picturesque.

On Sundays, a traditional Banda Municipal concert takes place at the Plaza de Armas. Enjoy and dance to traditional Mexican music. Everyone is welcome and the event is free. This is a city-sponsored weekly event for the whole community, expat, tourist and resident. There are lessons if you need help. Come and dance or just watch and listen. This is a glimpse of the real Vallarta.

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