Stories From the Past to Today: The Virgin of Guadalupe

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Our Lady of GuadalupeMillions of Mexicans believe in the Virgin of Guadalupe and many do not, however, it is a fact that the Marian apparition of the Catholic Religion has a very important place in the history of Mexico as a banner and standard of the political and rebellion armed conflicts.

Today these same millions of “Guadalupanos” –of every color– pilgrim for where the Virgin tells them to go.

The Virgin of Guadalupe maintained an important status in the years previous to the Independence of Mexico, when the “spirits were heated” of the insurgents uprising or the native residents of Mexico that survived the collapse of the Maya civilization. The Spanish Castillan justified their governor by the New Spain fought for a “divine” mandate of evangelization, ordered on par with the apparition of the Guadalupana Virgin in 1531.

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