SF Gate Readers Offer Tips for Mexico Travel

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México 2008-12-06 031Tips for Mexico Travel -- The world did not end in 2012, and neither did the comments on this column's coverage of Mexico travel and culture. Our annual review culls reader tips that offer new information, insights and recommendations for travelers; they have been edited for space, grammar and clarity. Keep them coming in 2013.

From "All-inclusive resorts make visiting Mexico easy"

"I'm surprised there was no mention of the handful of Club Med resorts in Mexico. Oh, I know it seems trite and dated, but they take kids and most have been renovated to rival these upscale boutique hotels." — by thewriteguysf

From "Married in Mexico: five-star accommodations, two-star prices"

"Get a couple of legal copies of your marriage certificate. It can be a huge pain to get copies later to prove legal marriage." — by eieio

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