Saving Mexican Folk Art

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Categories: Mexico

UntitledMexico’s folk art is at risk of becoming an endangered species! Industrialization and urbanization – not to mention cheap Chinese knock-offs – are driving local artists to leave their villages and forsake their craft for work in the cities.

The good news is that there is a strong antidote in Ajijic’s Feria Maestros Del Arte, which this weekend celebrates its eleventh year.

The Feria is a standout among area venues for artists and artisans not only for the quality, breadth, and originality of its work, but for its single inspired purpose of protecting and preserving Mexico’s community of indigent artists and their artistic traditions.

The Feria is philanthropic capitalism that showcases this art and these artists to the expat community and to visiting art merchants. The outcome is an opportunity for these distinctive works to fetch the fair price that promotes their economic sustainability.

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