Mexico Insurance Coverage for RV or Motor Home

June 24, 2010 by
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RV accidents are considered criminal offenses under Mexican law. If you are involved in an accident while traveling in Mexico with your RV or motor home, and do not have proper liability insurance -- provided by a Mexican insurance company, you may be required to spend time in a Mexican prison. So Mexican law is different to U.S. law, even for North Americans.

To avoid spending time in prison and having your RV or motor home impounded until you can pay expenses resulting from an accident, you must have liability insurance from a Mexican-licensed company. U.S. and Canadian auto insurance policies, in general, do not provide the coverage needed for an RV or motor home being driven in Mexico. When you purchase a policy, specifically designed to cover an RV or motor home, you will obtain physical damage and other needed coverage for travel in Mexico.

After purchasing a full-coverage Mexico insurance policy for your RV or motor home check with your U.S. or Canadian vehicle insurance company—as they may be considered secondary to your Mexican policy for losses taking place in Mexico.

When you purchase Mexico insurance remember that all conditions and exclusions are outlined in detail in your policy's "Terms and Conditions" -- though they may be outlined in much less detail elsewhere.

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