Rupert Murdoch: Put a Stop to Anti-Immigrant Lies on Fox News

June 30, 2010 by
Categories: Immigration Reform

By Alex DiBranco, Immigrant Rights

Fox News uses the dehumanizing slur "illegals" as its term of choice when referring to undocumented immigrants. Its anchors rant about an immigrant "invasion" and raise fears with false claims about border security. Yet when owner Rupert Murdoch appeared on Fox & Friends this morning with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (who has called our nation's immigration policy "suicide"), he presented a very different perspective than usually encountered on that network.

Though Murdoch did briefly repeat that the Arizona border is not secure, he also told anchor Steve Doocy, "You gotta recognize that there are millions of bright and intelligent people around the world - whether they are in China or in Hungary or in Germany or something - who want to come to America and live the American Dream." Murdoch would know: he himself is an immigrant from Australia.

Murdoch is a part of Mayor Bloomberg's new immigration reform group, the Partnership for a New American Economy, which includes the CEOs of a number of major corporations, such as Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, Disney, and the company Murdoch founded, News Corporation.

Another statement by Murdoch read, "As an immigrant myself, I believe that this country can and must enact new immigration policies that fulfill our employment needs, provide a careful pathway to legal status for undocumented residents and end illegal immigration." Great words, Mr. Murdoch. Just one thing: your handful of words doesn't do much to drown out the chorus of anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from your own network. As Andrea Nill writes on Think Progress, "Fox News does the most to promote the talking points and platforms of those fighting to make sure immigration reform is never a reality."