Rocky Point Visitor Assistance is your Friend in Rocky Point

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Last week while visiting Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco), Sonora, Mexico I was honored and lucky to meet Rosie Glover of the Rocky Point Visitor’s Assistance program. Rosie is also a Mexico insurance agent, selling products through her ProAlliance office in the heart of Puerto Peñasco.

Rosie has always offered free 24-hour visitor’s assistance to all her insurance clients. Like if they had a little too much to drink at the fiesta and found themselves taking a siesta in the local drunk tank, she’d help with translations, and other helpful things like bringing the customer food items and other luxuries.

In 2009, when the U. S. economy took a down turn and the drug wars in Mexico were the target of U.S. news reports, the Rocky Point business community got together to make a plan about how they would make visitors feel safe in Rocky Point.

Since Rosie had success with her visitor assistance program for her insurance clients, she suggested the community offer it to all visitors to Rocky Point. The business community thought it was a great idea. The Tequila Factory offered space in their building, rent and utility free for one year. And Manny’s Beach Club offered additional assistance and resources.

Visitor’s Assistance was a success, but after a year had passed, the hoped-for tourism office support did not materialize. This did not detour Rosie. She moved her ProAlliance office to the Visitor’s Assistance office, just above the Tequila Factory and ProAlliance now pays the rent for the 24-hour Visitor’s Assistance program.

So what exactly is Visitor’s Assistance? When someone thinks about visiting Rocky Point they may be reluctant due to the fact they have no family or friends there in the event that something were to happen. Rosie says, “It (Visitor’s Assistance) is just giving them a friend here, someone they can call.”

Rosie and her employees Patty and Scott called just about everyone they knew in Puerto Peñasco to try and find a business that my husband and I had put a deposit on for a fishing excursion. Due to their help, we, at least, got our deposit back, while still in Mexico.

But Rosie has many stories of people she’s had the pleasure to help (and that’s how she describes it)—like a man was in jail for drunk driving and Rosie delivered cigarettes and food to him twice a week (using money sent from relatives in the U.S.). She brought food for his cellmates too.

She has offered translating services and helped contact next of kin in cases where people have died of natural causes, she has translated for doctors when people have been involved in accidents, she has returned found wallets with cash to their owners in the U.S. and Canada – the list goes on.

Rosie and her staff pointed my husband and I to great seafood restaurants, fun places to visit and shop.

“We want visitor’s to know that as a community, we want them to have a good time in Rocky Point,” exclaims Rosie. For my husband and I, she did just that.

For More Information on the 24-Hour Rocky Point Visitor’s Assistance program or for information on Mexico Auto Insurance or condo/homeowers insurance in Rocky Point, contact Rosie Glover

(638) 388-6624 in Mexico
(638) 386-9081 Mexico Cell
(602) 773-1031 from the U.S.

You also won’t want to miss Rosie’s Radio Show on Rocky Point Ramblings Saturday’s from 12-2 p.m. Click here to learn more.