A Rare Fish in Cabo is Stolen from Fisherman in Bizarre Tale

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Categories: Mexico

Puerto VallartaA fish rarely seen by humans and weighing in at 300 pounds became the center of a bizarre fish story in Cabo San Lucas, where the "mystery" fish wound up getting stolen.

The fish was described by the Pisces Sportfishing Fleet blog as having a dorado-shaped head, tuna-type body, wahoo tail (with half of it missing) and a snapper color. Pisces eventually identified the fish as a louvar or Luvaras Imperialis, a species last seen in Cabo waters some 22 years ago.

As related by Capt. Josue Moreno to Pisces, the Marina II headed out for a half day of fishing when the crew and fishing tourists came across a huge fish circling on the top of the water.

Only that's not exactly what happened.

As Pisces Sportfishing Fleet found out on Tuesday, the tale Moreno told was a lie.

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