Puerto Vallarta Cooking Class

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cheesy sope dinnerPuerto Vallarta cooking class -- On our recent vacation to Puerto Vallarta, we found no shortage of fun events and activities to fill our days and nights with. Among those, my personal favorite, hands down, was a Thai Cooking Class that we took at “Essence of Cuisine Cooking School” from Dolores Brittingham.

With a big group of us traveling together, it wasn’t hard to gather 8 eager foodies (men and women) interested in participating in a night of cooking and eating. Having our fill of Mexican food, we were delighted to see that Dolores offered a Thai menu options. And, as with most groups, there are always food sensitivities, which made this gluten-free menu perfect one of our ladies who has gluten intolerance.

The class is given in the comfort of Dolores and Robert’s private home in Old Vallarta which, I might add “is a showpiece”. She starts with welcoming her guests/students with a glass of wine, and then gets into a brief history of Thailand before she starts the actual cooking instruction.

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