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February 8, 2011 by
Categories: Home/Condo Insurance, Mexico, Homeowners InsuranceBy Andrea Julian

It is not uncommon for North American residents to own homes in Mexico. In the past, Mexico vacationers who wanted to insure these homes had few choices. They were limited to Mexican insurance companies that offered policies with restricted coverage. In addition, the limited coverage they did offer was expensive.

For years, clients have been asking for a Homeowners insurance product with the solid coverage of U.S. or Canadian home policies. has finally been able to create a Homeowners insurance product that will revolutionize what customers expect from a Mexico homeowners insurance policy. is now proud to offer a homeowners insurance product through ACE Seguros, a Mexican insurance company. ACE Seguros is part of the multinational ACE Group, a well respected and trusted name in global insurance with an A.M. Best rating of A+.  Customers can choose to purchase their policies directly online at, or we will work with your current U.S. or Canadian agent. While with local Mexican insurance policies the agent is not typically licensed in the U.S., ours are licensed in each and every state.

A solid set of benefits are included in the homeowners insurance product, including coverage for damage incurred during a hurricane or earthquake. This type of coverage is especially necessary, as many own homes along the coast, which annually is pummeled by hurricanes. Active fault lines cut across the country, and are especially active along the coast. Local Mexican insurance companies typically do not offer coverage for hurricanes and earthquakes or, if they do, it comes with a very high deductible and high co-payments.

Like U.S. companies,'s Mexican homeowners insurance offers the very broad “Special” or “Open Perils” concept, meaning that all your losses, except those exclusively excluded under the policy, will be covered in the event that you are robbed or subject to a natural disaster. This type of coverage is not typically offered from local Mexico insurance companies, leaving policy holders vulnerable to loss of valuable property because it could not be covered by insurance.

Customers will appreciate the easy to read policy, written in English and in a style similar to North American/U.S. style insurance coverage forms. Oftentimes North Americans are confounded trying to understand the typical Mexican insurance policy, which can be verbose and disorganized, and sometimes only in Spanish, which can be challenging to those who have a less than stellar understanding of the language. has taken all of the confusion and hassle out of Mexican homeowners insurance and in its place, inserted solid benefits, fixed deductibles and low payments. customers will now be able to get all their Mexico insurance needs met in one place. Save money and time while fully protecting you and your assets during your time in Mexico. Don't get caught unprepared by letting your Mexican home go uninsured. Your property is too valuable to trust to just anyone. Check out the benefits of Mexico homeowners insurance at