Pros and Cons of Buying Insurance at the Mexico Border

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Thinking in CarThe consequences of driving in Mexico without insurance, especially if you're in an accident, can be severe. Worst case scenario, you can be incarcerated pending an investigation into an accident. And, if you are found to be at fault, you will be held responsible for any financial costs resulting from the accident, payable immediately.

You may not be aware that your auto insurance doesn't cover you in Mexico. You might be covered for a limited distance beyond the border and a certain amount of damage to your own car, but insurance companies in the United States and Canada don't have any legal jurisdiction there.

If you plan to drive on Mexican highways, you are legally required to purchase third party liability insurance for your car, from a company that's licensed in Mexico. Where do you purchase Mexican insurance?

Mexico has a thriving insurance industry; you can even purchase an insurance policy at the border. Is that a good idea?



Sometimes the best-laid plans go awry and you find yourself at the border, without the insurance you need. You might prefer purchasing your policy at the border, rather than canceling your trip or arranging different transportation.

Niche services

In some border towns, legal and insurance services are set up to cater to travelers. A reputable agency near the border may be able to provide you with the policy you need.


Auto Accident Mexico

Border environment

Thousands of people cross the border between Mexico and the United States every day. Add a language barrier to unfamiliar laws and limited time and you're likely to be outside your comfort zone. Finding the right policy can be a time-consuming complication, in addition to the normal stressors of entering another country.

Is it the coverage you need?

Purchasing insurance is a financial decision that merits full consideration of the options. For example, the policy might impose limitations that are inconvenient for travelers, such as requiring repairs to be made in Mexico. What about legal assistance, if you're in an accident?

Due diligence is more difficult

It's important to check the rating of the insurance company when you buy insurance, as well as be assured of the reliability and expertise of the individual with whom you are making the transaction. You could find yourself without the insurance you need and without the money for the insurance you thought you were purchasing.

When your trip is short and confined to a certain area, purchasing insurance at the border could suit your purposes. The wise traveler doesn't risk it -- the best option is to purchase insurance before your trip from a knowledgeable and reputable provider.