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Insurance Adjuster Mexico

Nothing compares to crossing the border and heading south into Mexico, cruising the highway as it winds through the countryside. However, that tranquility could come to an abrupt halt if your vehicle is not properly insured for accidents. If you think you have full coverage under your Canadian or American policy, think again–the laws concerning… Read more »

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Quote results

Article by: Sara Holsen When you receive your Mexican insurance quote from Mexpro, you may find yourself wondering who the insurance companies, that you are choosing for coverage, are. If their names don’t ring a bell, and you need help deciding who to select, read on. Mexpro works with three Mexico insurance companies, whom we… Read more »

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Highway 1 Baja Norte

Chaotic cities! Dirt roads! Burros running wild! First-timers anticipating difficult driving conditions in Mexico usually discover that their fears are unfounded, and they’re probably even quite embarrassing in hindsight. No, maintained roads don’t disappear the moment you’re south of the U.S. border. And city streets aren’t completely chaotic… Of course there are quirks, and it’s… Read more »