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Playa de Rosarito

A Christmas getaway to Northern Baja, Mexico, is sure to create memories you’ll not soon forget. If you wish to stay close to the border during the holidays, keep these great destinations in mind. Northern Baja, Mexico, borders the U.S. state of California and features beautiful beaches and majestic deserts. This serene and picturesque region… Read more »

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Rental Car sign

Learn about the insurance and legal requirements involved in taking a rental car from the United States into Mexico. Driving to Mexico for a vacation allows you the convenience getting around easily. With a rental car, you can go to the market and pick up groceries, drive to the beaches and explore small villages. There… Read more »

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You’re packed, but are you ready for your trip to Mexico? Mexpro’s Mexico Travel checklist will help assure you are ready when you hit the road.   Passport, Passport Card or Green Card A valid US passport, passport card or green card is required for travel into Mexico. Additionally, all US citizens are now required to… Read more »