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Be Prepared Sticky Note

Your health insurance coverage may be considerably different once you travel outside the United States. Your plan may provide out-of-network coverage when you go abroad, but this alone isn’t sufficient to give you peace of mind when you travel to Mexico. Travel medical policies can take care of unexpected up-front costs of medical care abroad.<… Read more »

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Sandy Beach Rocky Point Mexico

Millions of Americans and Canadians travel to Mexico each year. With its generous peso exchange, safe toll roads, and friendly cities, it’s easy to see why. Why Mexico Remains a Great Place to Travel Mexico is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches, exciting cities, and accommodating resorts, and the country sees more than… Read more »

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Mexican Flags Waving

Constitution Day in Mexico celebrates Mexico’s Constitution, Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos. Approved by the Mexican Congress on February 5, 1917. This year is especially important since it is the 100-year or centennial anniversary! The Mexican Revolution began on November 20, 1910. A very violent and costly fight, the revolution took the lives… Read more »

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Wheelchair on beach

What is Medical Tourism? Medical tourism is the process of traveling outside one’s country of residence to obtain healthcare. Common services include orthopedic and cardiac surgery, oncologic (tumor) care, organ transplant, cosmetic surgery and dentistry. Reproductive assistance is an area that has been growing in recent years, as well. Originally patients would travel to countries… Read more »