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Todos Santos Big Wave Event Many surfers are heading to Todos Santos for this year’s Big Wave Event, which takes place on the island of Todos Santos off the coast of Enseñada, Baja, Mexico. The competition happens at the “Killers” break. Surfers are positive since there have been more surfable days this year at Jaws,… Read more »

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Article by Jim Labelle, President, For each of the last ten years, thousands of visitors who drive their car into Mexico have been purchasing Mexican insurance through the website – to ensure their vehicle is properly protected while south of the border. Each year,’s staff compiles a list of the most frequently… Read more »

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I have mentioned Alan Kohl, owner and operator of and one of Mexpro’s top brokers, in past blogs on the Baja 1000. In this article I am going to discuss his involvement in Proyecto Compasión, a non-profit humanitarian organization that aids orphans and needy children in the Mexican states of Sonora and Sinaloa. Alan… Read more »

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It is ironic that most of us use great care when purchasing insurance in the U.S. or Canada, yet use a lesser standard of care when purchasing an auto insurance policy for travel to Mexico.  The answers to our FAQ’s will help you to make a better informed decision when purchasing auto insurance for Mexico…. Read more »