Online hub showcases life in Mazatlan

June 16, 2012 by
Categories: Living in Mexico, Mazatlan, Vacation

To bolster efforts in promoting Mazatlan not only as a vacation destination but also as the residence of a large international community, is a new social media and content hub designed to act as an interactive gateway into the lives of real people living in the city.

Mazatlan Sunset

The hub uses various social networking channels to distribute content. Channels include multiple video feature programs, changed every two weeks; News and Views, which provides daily updates on what’s happening in Mazatlan; MazRadio, which features shows that focus on the city’s art and culture; and a calendar of cultural events.

“Mazatlan’s culture has made it a popular place for expats to call home,” said MyCity founder Simon Lynds. “Our site is designed to keep expats and their families up to date on everything that relates to this city as well as showing visitors what life is really like in Mazatlan.”

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