One, two, three… Tequila Tasting!

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Categories: Mexico

tequilaWhen you refer to Mexico, it is impossible not to mention “Tequila”. For Mexicans, besides being an essential part of their culture, it is the drink of choice in all parties and reunions and a “must have” drink for those visiting this country.

Tequila comes from the Jalisco Region in Mexico, but you will find a great tequila tasting in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) at the Tequila Factory. At the Tequila Factory, you will learn in depth about the origin of this drink as well as the chance to taste many different flavors of Tequila.

When you visit the Tequila Factory in Puerto Peñasco, you will find a large variety of tequila flavors for sale plus they offer a very interesting class where a tequila expert tells you everything you need to know about this fun drink, Tequila. From the blue agave, the plant where it is extracted, to the aging process this drink goes through until it is distilled and ready.

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