Observations After Two Months in Baja

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By Stacy Taylor at StacyTaylor.com

Studiofeast Korean BBQ tacoI have established a few routines since moving here, mostly centered around food. Each Tuesday I head for a place called the Mongolian Grill a couple mile south of town. Tuesday is “Taco Tuesday” at the Mongolian Grill and their Korean tacos are 3 for the price of two ( I am, after all, trying to save money living here.). The Mongolian Grill freely admits that its tacos are a knockoff of the tacos served at the famous Kogi food truck in L.A. and I am addicted to them.

An other routine I’ve established, living in Rosarito, is to head down to the fishing village of Popotla on Monday afternoon for a taste of grilled fish cooked in a style called Zarandeado. I prefer a place called Mariscos Juquila run by a Oaxacan named “Sammy”. You pick out the fresh caught fish yourself from a a big Igloo ice chest out front. The fish is than flayed open, rubbed with garlic and spices, cooked over an open fire, and finally, garnished with orange slices, tomatos, and grilled onions, served whole, bones, eyeballs and all. It’s great. The best fish ever.

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